Frequently Asked Questions

How many rooms are at Kudu Valley Safari Lodge?

  • We have 7 private suites with Double Beds which can accommodate up to 14 people.  We also have a 2 Bedroom apartment with a shared common area, kitchen and separate double bed rooms.

Can we just come to stay at Kudu Valley Safari Lodge?  Do we need to be hunters?

  • Yes, we do rent our rooms in the hunting off-season (September to March) to clients whom would want to just get away and enjoy the property as well as Photographic Safaris (Link to that page).  Please inquire about our room rates and availability at “Contact Us Page

Do you have Wifi?  Do you have mobile service?

  • Yes, we do have Wifi at the lodge, and most mobile carriers will work at our lodge.

Do you experience load-shedding (no electric power) at Kudu Valley?

  • We are completely off the grid with full solar power.  Unless there is an emergency, you will not experience a moment without power/electricity as we also have back up generators when the solar batteries are exhausted.

Do you cater to events such as weddings and parties?

  • Yes, we do cater often to big events and have experience with large parties of up to 100 people.  We will provide accommodations for up to 16 people comfortably and have space for events for up to 100 people easily.  We can provide bar and drink services as well as meal catering services.  Please inquire about our Special Event services and availability at “Contact Us Page

How do I pay for my Safari or Accommodations at Kudu Valley?

  • We accept Bank transfers, Cash, USD Check, or Credit Card.  Please note that there is a 4% credit card transaction fee.